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How It All Began ...

The divorce process might feel like a tangled ball of emotions as it is the convergence of the legal, financial, social and emotional divorce. Jodi Douglas, the Founder of Mindful Divorce Consulting Group, LLC understands the impact of divorce. In 2013 after being married for nearly 20 years, she found herself filing for a divorce and seeking her next steps.  


During this life transition, Jodi was led to divorce professionals who have valuable tools and expertise which can be pivotal in making rational decisions. Through her personal and professional experience, what evolved was the creation of a community around the area of divorce.


Strength and clarity can be found through education, personal exploration and proactiveness. Mindful Divorce Consulting Group, LLC is an inter-disciplinary resource that can provides you with guidance and knowledge which can assist you in making empowered decisions.

The Founder

Jodi Douglas, MS, CDRE™, RCS-D™ 

Founder and Principal,

Mindful Divorce Consulting Group, LLC

Real Estate Divorce Specialist

REALTOR®, Howard Hanna Real Estate 


Contact me at: 734-660--5060

Jodi Douglas is the Founder and Principal of the Mindful Divorce Consulting Group, LLC, and a licensed REALTOR® at Howard Hanna Real Estate Services who brings a unique approach to real estate as it relates to divorce. Jodi was the first REALTOR® in Michigan to receive the Real Estate Collaboration Specialist – Divorce designation.  In addition, Jodi holds a Master of Science in Management, Strategy and Leadership from The Eli Broad Graduate School of Management at Michigan State University. She also possesses training in civil mediation; domestic relations mediation; the collaborative legal process; and divorce coach training. 


Jodi entered into real estate after her own divorce. Within the divorce process, there are specific guidelines concerning the child support and alimony requirements to purchase a home post-divorce. In her case, oversight occurred because she was overwhelmed with the process. The marital home is often the largest asset for divorcing couples and the disposition of that asset can be overwhelming, even paralyzing. During her own divorce, Jodi developed what she calls “divorce brain” – the inability to process all the information coming at you due to the immense feeling that you're not making the most rational and educated decisions. In order to empower other women during this life altering time, Jodi began lecturing at the Women’s Center of Southeast Michigan regarding real property matters surrounding divorce. However, she quickly realized that both women and men are in need of empowerment and education surrounding the non-legal issues within a divorce. Upon this realization, Jodi began creating the Mindful Divorce Consulting Group, LLC which is comprised of various professionals with a special focus in divorce. The main goal of the group is to provide educational seminars and consultation to divorcing individuals and couples in order to better assist them with the non-legal decision-making process. 


Jodi is hardworking, proactive, conscientious, and genuine. She is an avid reader and life-long learner. As a mother of two, time with her family, friends and volunteering at various organizations provide her the greatest rewards.


Sharee in Blue 2.jpg

Sharee Burkel, CQS™, CFP®,

Certified QDRO Specialist

Founder & President,

The QDRO Company, LLC

Collaborator, Mindful Divorce Consulting Group, LLC

Contact me at:  877-661-7376

Sharee Burkel is the Founder and President of The QDRO Company, LLC.  In addition, Sharee is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® practitioner, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®), and Certified QDRO Specialist™ (CQS™). She earned her B.A. from Miami University (Ohio) and M.S.W. from the University of Michigan and is trained in both domestic relations mediation and the collaborative legal process. Sharee has been reviewing and drafting QDROs since 2006 and has consulted many attorneys and clients regarding the division options of many different retirement plans. She specializes in various privately-held ERISA plans as well as Federal and Military plans. She has been a presenter at the Institute for Continuing Legal Education and the Washtenaw County Bar Association.

Sharee has 15 years’ experience in the financial services industry, with a focus on assisting individuals during and post-divorce with understanding their short- and long-term implications of various settlement options and in understanding the ways in which their assets can be divided pursuant to their divorce.

In her spare time, Sharee spends time with her husband and daughter and enjoys being involved in her local community. She loves spending time with family and friends, engaging in outdoor sports and activities, and has developed a passion for her hobby as a beekeeper in recent years.

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